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Should you allow Drag Racing at your airport?
Take the time to research this well.
Once you start, you may be powerless to stop it.

The issue with this website is not Drag Racing as an activity. Ideally Drag Racing should be done at facilities designed for such.

For many reasons airports are not well suited for Drag Racing. Airports must be very sensitive to foreign objects on or near the maneuvering areas. Attracting wildlife to an airport has the potential to kill people or cause extensive damage to very expensive aircraft. Airfield surfaces are specially prepared to meet strict safety regulations and the rubber coated surfaces left by the Drag Race are a detriment to landing aircraft. The list goes on.

This website is designed as an information package for those considering using their facility for an activity that it was never intended to become. It is my hope that this website will be of benefit during the decision process.

It is not the mandate of this site to cast blame on any segment of the Drag Race event, the Drag Race community, or on any of the organizers or volunteers. It is to show you by personal experience what does happen and hopefully by your being better prepared, you can make an informed decision, or provide ironclad safeguards.


Spend the time NOW to know what you are up against before you commit.

A site as this did not exist when the proposal was made to our Committee, and surely would have been needed.