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Airports serve many purposes. It is not only a transportation and services link, but a means to meet the needs of emergency situations. This is particularly important to communities located in remote areas.

Of particular concern is emergency medical attention where time is an issue, but specialized medical facilities are a considerable distance away. Someone may be very ill, severely injured, undergoing a difficult delivery or a transplant recipient having just received the news they waited a long time for. Although their community does not have the medical services of larger centers, immediate air transportation can bridge that gap.

The MNR, OPP, Hydro and Ministry of Health also relies on airports to fulfill their mandates.

If an airport is closed for several days, a terrible day can become a lot worse for those needing attention, and for a transplant recipient whose dream has just come true, that day can become devastating when they realize the link has been taken away in the interest of racing cars, and the donor organ must be given to another person.

Once the runway has been set up for drag racing, there is no possible way to make it quickly usable. It has taken most of a day to clutter the runway with barricades, bleachers, vendors and campers.

Nobody considers the implications of closing the runway, but should.