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The Garbage
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I dare you to find a gum wrapper on the ground at "Air Adventure" in Oshkosh which has close to one million people in attendance, yet, you will not believe the garbage 6,000 people can generate at a drag race. It is doubtful you can control it. Enforcing rules at a fun event is not "Friendly".

Pay for garbage removal with strict performance penalties. Believe me, deals for "empties" or other considerations doesn't work.

After the event you must sweep the runway and walk the shoulders. Make absolutely sure you pick everything up, especially "meltable items". Even as careful as we are, you will find things migrating to the runway for a very long time after the event, and you will be stumped as to where it came from. Do yourself a favor and buy long handled "grab it" tools and a wagon. They will save your back and knees.



Expect to attract birds and animals for a while.

Odds are some garbage will be tossed or dragged off and will continue to plague you after the event.

Provide washing machine tubs for fire pits. If you have any rocks near your runway, people will still drag those onto the runway shoulder and you will end up cleaning those up as well.

As an added note, after the event is over, count on spending a long night and very early morning cleaning to minimize what the gulls will tear open and carry off.