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Beer and drag racing go hand in hand. Organizers will be wishing for very hot weather as cold beer is a very large part of the revenue. Some people will get very intoxicated, and you can expect some vandalism that really doesn't make sense. Flowers and flower baskets for some reason are a favorite target.

In speaking with another airport also hosting Drag Racing, airplanes of a flight school were damaged and hangars were broken into/vandalized.

All your vehicles on site should be locked or stored away.

Plan ahead.

Security can't be everywhere, and when you complain about something happening you can be sure they will remind you of that.
One year two David Clark headsets were stolen from an aircraft. The aircraft was in a hangar which should not have been accessible by anyone other than race workers. No compensation was given to the owner.

Most years, regardless of the number of lights we remove, someone will find one to steal.